स्कूल स्तर पर पर्यवेक्षण

             The H.M. of  K.V. Unnao who has been transferred to the Vidyalaya in the session 2017-18 has already started playing an active role of effective monitoring of the primary classes.

             Following are the actions taken by him :

1-    Chalked out a definite plan of checking note books of different classes and different sections. The teacher submits the notebooks of the respective classes to him on the date mentioned against his or her name.

2-    At least two demo lessons in the classes are being monitored daily.

3-    Interacting sessions under CMP meeting are taken up regularly.

4-    Short duration workshops are being planned.


न्यूनतम साझा कार्यक्रम

1-            Khichdi recepiand a wonderful waste prepared by vegetable Scraps was fruitfully organized in class V A,B,C Children learnt sharing and careing as well as importance of healthy food.. 

2-            Readlines Programme is in progess for Six week..

स्कूल बैग के वजन की कमी

             The Chairperson of the Vidyalaya has given strict instruction regarding the matter. It is a very important matter which has to be taken care of. The Vidyalaya has taken up the following steps to reduce the weight of the school bag.

For Class I & II :

1-            Total number of note books are three. One for Hindi, one for English and one for mathematics.

2-            Parents have been guided to buy soft bounded note books of 100 pages instead of hard bound.

3-            Students are not compelled to bring books.

4-            Note books of class I & II are kept in the class-room and they are sent home once a week for parents signature and awareness.

5-            In place of reading from the text book sight cards are used for reading and story developing.

6-            A-4 size paper is being used for worksheets and those worksheets are sent to the parents. Sample worksheets are kept by the teacher & H.M..

7-            The teacher has been instructed by the chairperson to ask their learners to bring the books in rotation.

8-            Non scholastic books are kept by the teacher concerned in the Almirah.

9-            Spot checking of bags is being done.

10-         Photographs of spot checking of bags are attached herewith.


For Class III to V :

1-            Parents have been informed that the weight of the bags should not be more than 3 Kg.

2-            Number of soft bounded note books are used for four subjects. C.W./H.W. is done in the same notebooks.

3-            Non-Scholastic books are kept by the teachers.

4-            Learners have been guided to bring their books in rotation.

5-            Water bottle can not be avoided because there is shortage of electricity in Unnao.

6-            Spot checking of bags is being done by the class teacher.

7-            Teachers try to inform the learners in advance if he or she is going on leave so that these books can be kept at home.

Last but not the least our worthy principal Mrs. Geeta Dwivedi is motivating all the teachers to focus from Effective Teaching to Inspired Learning. Time to time valuable instructions are given by her for the smooth running of CMP. The requirement of CMP is being fulfilled by her. Overall monitoring is being done by her. Stress is being given on CMP and reducing the weight of school bag.

       A common project is taken up in the primary to learn the school pledge in Hindi and English with correct pronunciation and punctuation mark. Small incentives have been decided to be given to the learners who show their active participation in this field.


गतिविधियों का एक संक्षिप्त रिपोर्ट है कि के.वी. में जगह ले ली उन्नाव के लिए 2010-11 सत्र 

1- Stress has been given on the reduction in the weight of the school bags.

 2-        A time table has been prepared for the movie shows at primary level & is being followed strictly.

3-         Community lunch is being implemented efficiently.

4-         Games card has been issued to all primary classes to develop agility, balance & co ordinations of each child later assessed under CCE.

6-         A school level Science & Social Science Exhibitions was organized with great enthusiasm in the month of August, 2010 & inaugurated by honble D.M. Mrs. Meshram.

5-         Medical checkup of the students took place in the month of August, 2010.

7-         VMC Meeting under the guidance of honble D.M. Mrs. Meshram took place in the month of August, 2010.

8-         Appreciations of class-room & display board decoration by the D.M. Mrs. Meshram.

9-         26th Jan. and 15th. Aug. were celebrated with great zeal followed by sweet distribution.

10-        Fruitful AEP and Guidance and Counseling by Brahma Kumaries in the month of October, 2010.

11-        Sahaj Yoga, Sargam, Breathing exercise and special acturites based on CCE & CMP introduced in morning assembly.

12-        Demo lessons and Innovations are being observed by the Chairperson and HM regularly.

13-        A new Innovation Helping Hand has been introduced in Primary section.

14-        Scouts and Guides activities are being followed as per schedule.